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Top 5 Smartphone Apps That Will Aid You in Your Business

Top 5 Smartphone Apps That Will Aid You in Your Business

Mobile apps make running a business 24/7 job a reality. However, with so many apps to choose from, selecting an app for your process can be a daunting process. Luckily, we have done the research and come up with a list of the best smartphone business apps you can use. These apps will cover most aspects of your business if not all. Here is the list:
Oracle Netsuite One World
This app provides businesses with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. As a result, you can manage purchase orders, business dashboards, expense reports, and security records with ease. You can find versions of this app to use for your particular business operation. This app’s subscription begins from $999 every month for base access and 99 dollars per user per month. This subscription does not include customization or training. Here is how it works:
When you log in, you will find a dashboard that displays trend graphs, standard content and report snapshots. There are also other functions such as HR, activities, financials, vendors, customers, and payroll. Each of these drop-down menus has a list of other functions. These functions are also further divided into sub-categories.
This app also has a SuiteFlow Workflow Manager that helps businesses build individual workflows. Customzation makes bringing in new users or a new app platform easy. It also offers customization for the C-level (executive) users where things are much more complicated. Fortunately, if you get stuck, you can find online training videos on Oracle’s support center.
• Dashboards are easy to navigate.
• Custom workflows.
• A wide range of ERP features.
• A complicated app thanks to the broad features it offers.
• The help services are confusing.
• It is hard configuring the system for a particular role.
SurveyMonkey is a popular online survey app that helps users create and set up market research. SurveyMonkey has a free and paid version of $25 or $19 per month. Here is how it works:
To build a new survey, drag and drop questions onto the working space. Each question has help floating over it which is a convenient feature. This app also supports more than one text box which means you can find out how users react to different wording. There is also an option for asking a respondent why for example they feel that their sales experience was frustrating.
This app also has a large database of ready-made questions and answers and a lot of other options to work with.
Completed surveys are shared via email or Facebook. You can also manually share the URL or embed it in your website. This app also provides an analysis of the data you collect in form of charts and graphs. It also lets you filter the results with ease. Export data reports to PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint.
• Friendly online support.
• Ready-made questions and answers.
• Some features are hidden which requires poking around.
This app is available for Android and iOS.
Create a video conference from your phone with ClickMeeting. Here is how it works:
ClickMeeting provides you with conference room layouts to select from and the option to build your won. Every layout has several pods which are used to share files, chat, make presentations, and share screens.
This app also allows you to hold a meeting outside the office. Simply schedule a meeting, chat, and record everything you discuss.
You can also create a professional account using this app. There are several options such as fonts and graphics which will make our account more appealing to customers. Other features include a translation option which means that you can chat with international clients stress-free and the ability to get feedback from participants. This app also works with Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for easy connection of services.
• Integrated with other apps.
• Ability to translate.
• Ability to record meetings.
• It is unsuitable for large meetings.
This app is available for Android, Blackberry, and iOS.
Citrix Sharefile
Sharefile is an app that allows you to share files from one device to another. Here are its features:
It allows you to share files via email bypassing the file size limitations. Another option is sharing files through a URL where the recipient can download the files from a web browser. This app also lets you customize the shared link and the online portal so that they match your business.
Sharefile ensures file transfer security through 256-bit AES encryption. You can also remotely wipe files from a device that is connected to your account when it is stolen, or an employee leaves your employment with their device. Another important feature is tracking files where you can track every file activity, set an expiration date for shared URLs, and ask for identification details every time someone attends to download a file. This feature also offers unlimited file versioning where you can return a file returned to any point in its history.
• Unlimited file versioning.
• 20GB monthly bandwidth.
This app is available for Android, Blackberry, and iOS.
Customers shop at any time which is why your customer service representatives need to be on-call at all times. HappyFox makes this possible by providing a clean and flexible mobile interface that makes remote customer service very simple. Here are its features:
Knowledge base articles: write knowledge base articles to help customers find the information they need.
Customer support tickets: your support team can easily reply to priority tickets.
Advanced reporting tools: users can view help desk analytics.
Smart rules for help desk automation: reduce time spent on repetitive tasks by using this tool.
Integration: this app integrates with social media, live chat, and so much more.
• Intuitive interface.
• Easy to customize.
This app has three subscription plans. It is available for Android and iOS.

I am Jean Phillipe, a technology manager on Le Meilleur Avis , I have access to various smartphones, PCs, Bluetooth devices, headphones and many other tech products. I do my best to review every aspect of these products and that includes apps. These business apps will assist you to run your business efficiently at the comfort of your smartphone.

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