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3 Must-­Have Programs for Startups and Entrepreneurs

3 Must-­Have Programs for Startups and Entrepreneurs

What 3 must-­have programs do you have to have to start a startup? Here are my recommendations just for that! Choosing the right programs is a very important step in creating a startup and to make sure it’s successful. You need countless programs to have your startup. A help desk, employee management, recruitment, an E­mail system and so much more! Here are 3 must-­have programs for startups and entrepreneurs. 

     1.   Help Desk ­ Zendesk

     Zendesk is an amazing tool you can use to help create your helpdesk. Branding and customization, proactive engagement, reporting and analytics and a lot of other helpful tools to help create and manage your helpdesk for your new startup. You get a 30 day free trial on their medium plan called Plus. It will let you try out the software to see if it fits your needs and it makes you happy. Best of all? It starts at just $1/staff member/month! You can upgrade your plan, but if you can start out with that since it provides more than enough features and tools for most people looking for a help desk.

     2.   Website Analytics ­ Google Analytics 

     Google Analytics is a great analytics tool to use with your site. It even goes into many of Google’s other webmaster tools, more integration! Google Analytics Standard is their flagship product that offers advanced analytics and tracking for free. Once you get out of a startup stage, you can upgrade to Google Analytics Premium, the enterprise edition, but that is not needed for a new startup and not even for most of the bigger companies. You can even build your own analytic system, but that’s much more advanced. Google Analytics Premium does not have public pricing and requires you to contact you for a custom quote that fit your exact needs!

     3.   The All in One ­ Zoho 

     Zoho is just amazing! It has over 25 tools for you to use and it’s all connected. It offers many different programs that have a variety of uses. A great program is their Recruit program. It has an amazing, very detailed recruitment system for you to have your interviews through etc. All of their programs have a free plan which are helpful if you’re not going to use it a lot or if you want to check out a Zoho program you never used. Of course, you can upgrade from there. Their pricing is very affordable for any startup, with one person or even 50. Plans are in the $5-­50 range per user, $50 might be high, but that’s only for some programs that you don’t need your entire team on.

    4.   Bonus! Social Media 

     While social media is not a program, it’s a very helpful tool to communicate the community in your niche and it also allows you to promote your website and get more expertise from new users. Some top ones are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and so much more. Remember , don’t just pick one media platform and use that, that makes no sense . Usually users have preferred platform they like to use , so go on all of them to promote your business further .

There are just a few of the many different programs out on the market today . So, why use these programs and programs alike ? Because you’ll be better . You’ll be getting better employees, providing better services and you’ll be able to grow your startup faster on a reasonable scale . It’s very helpful thing to have with your company in order for you to succeed .

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